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Working holiday in Australia

Working Holiday in Australia

White Card training course

We provide white card Australia online training for those wishing to have a working holiday in Australia. Construction induction training allows the holder to work on a construction site in Australia. A white card is mandatory for anyone wishing to work in the construction field. You can’t enter a construction site without this white card training qualification.

The gap year or working year is always an enjoyable experience for young students.  Of course, it can also be a highly profitable and beneficial to their CV.  Many young people in the UK opt for Australia or New Zealand as a gap year destination.  This is for many reasons particularly the pleasant weather.  To ensure you do not experience any legal problems, it is important to consider different factors before leaving home for a working holiday in Australia.  This article will provide answers to all the frequently asked questions.

1.  Do I Need A Visa?

Yes, you will need a visa when visiting Australia.  All people from other countries require a visa when visiting this destination for longer than three months or who are not on the ETA Eligible Country list.  The visitor visa, particularly the subclass 600 visitor visa, will allow the visitor to remain in Australia for up to 12 months and enter Australia once or multiple times.

Individuals who are on the ETA Eligible Country list are subject to a three-month limitation when entering Australia.  This means you will not require a visitor visa for the first three months of your stay, but a visa is required if you wish to remain for a longer period.  The visitor visa is typically processed within twenty days from the date of application.

2.  Can I Apply For A Working Holiday Visa?

To enter Australia for a working holiday or gap year, it is essential that you apply for a working holiday visa.  Application for this type of visa will require the meeting of specific criteria.  This includes the following:

– age between 18 and 30 years old without any dependent children.

– a passport that is eligible to enter Australia and has at least one-year renewal available.

– proof of sufficient funds for a return flight to the country of origin.

– show proof of sufficient funds for the first part of the stay in Australia.

– ability to show that you are entering Australia for a holiday and propose to work during this period.

3.  Where Do I Apply For A Working Holiday Visa?

The working holiday visa for Australia cannot be granted when living in Australia and needs to be obtained in an outside destination.

4.  Must I Have A Medical Examination?

In the majority of cases, no.  However, it may be necessary to undergo a chest x-ray if you meet the following criteria:

– are a resident of a country with a high risk for tuberculosis.

– are likely to work in child care or health care.

– have spent more than three consecutive months in the last five years in a country with a high risk for tuberculosis.

A working holiday in Australia can be a useful experience, but it is important to consider these issues before heading to the destination.

Enter ‘start white card course’ to receive the training required to work in construction why’ll you visit

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  1. Ajay

    My name is Ajay, I travelling Australia as tourist that works. it said i need USI student number for course. I not on student visa so can I get number?
    Help please

    • Allan O

      Hi Ajay,
      If you are on a working holiday visa then yes you are able to obtain a USI number. It doesn’t change your visa status. USI numbers can be obtained on the government web site (we have a link when you commence the course).
      We cant check your visa status so it is up to you to ensure you have the appropriate visa to work in Australia. If you have the appropriate visa to work in Australia then you can complete the course and obtain a USI number.
      I hope this helps
      Regards Allan

  2. Leah

    Good morning my name is Leah,
    I am traveling in Australia and have been working while i travel, they now asking my partner for a whitecard? His english is not perfect but he understands well. Is he able to complete the course?

    • Allan O

      Hi Leah,
      The course is easy to follow and can be paused and continued at his own pace. The final assessment is face to face online with an assessor, this is not as hard as it sounds. We provide an assessment revision workbook and revision videos to ensure the students can prepare and be confident when meeting with the assessor.
      So long as your partner can answer the simple safety questions in reasonable English to the assessor he should be fine.
      Maybe go over the revision workbook with him several times to build his confidence.
      Any issues feel free to contact us.
      Regards Allan

    • Allan O

      Thanks for the message Roland
      Your Visa status doesn’t change when you get a USI number. They are not linked. Your USI number keeps a record of all training you complete that is nationally recognised. Your visa status is a completely different organisation.
      Regards Allan

  3. Anette

    Good Morning, Can you please tell me how I get a white card? I am an International student.
    I appreciate any assistance

    • Allan O

      Hi Anette, you are required to complete a CRICOS accredited course. I am unaware of any online provider that is CRICOS accredited, sorry.

  4. Roland

    Why do International students need to do a cricos course? is the training or card different to what you provide?

    • Allan O

      Hi Roland, the qualification is the same and so is the card Australia wide. I believe it is a condition of the actual student visa. I would contact CRICOS for further detail.

  5. Roland

    They are not helpful on cricos site. My friend is a student and he did the course and they have not said anything to him, do you check visa status?

    • Allan O

      Hi Roland, Yes it is hard to find a CRICOS accredited course, we do training so no we can’t check your visa for you. I am unsure how your friend did the course and i am not sure how CRICOS audit. You need to speak to CRICOS.

    • Allan O

      Hi Roland, we have a question at the start of the course that asks you if you are on a student Visa.
      Once again you need to contact CRICOS.

  6. Laf

    I read comment above, if i select no to international student can I do course? I not found a crics course anywhere and from the comment above you don’t know if I am a student is that correct.


    • Allan O

      Hi Laf,
      Selecting ‘No’ does allow you into the course.
      It is up to you to follow the guidelines of your VISA.
      As per my comments above CRICOS is the governing body for international students and you will need to refer to them in relation to finding a CRICOS accredited course.
      Regards Allan

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