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NSW, QLD, SA, NT, WA, ACT, Victoria & Tasmania

CPCCWHS1001 ‘Prepare to work safely in the construction industry’:

  • has been developed to meet all requirements under the national framework;
  • is mutually recognised in all States and Territories throughout Australia; and
  • is provided in partnership with Australia’s largest privately owned RTO.
White Card WA Perth

QLD and WA are the only States which have currently approved the issue of a white card on completion of a nationally accredited online white card course. Our partner RTO is licenced to issue QLD residents with a Queensland White Card and a WA White Card to residents in all other States and Territories.
If you live in WA and undertake the online white card course through 123WhiteCard, you will be issued with a WA Whitecard.

Online WA White Card accepted Australia

If you have a current WA white card, you do not need to complete another white card course in order to begin work in a different State.
“OSH regulations recognise nationally accredited construction induction training conducted in other States and Territories. This means that workers coming from those States do not need to complete the WA course to be able to work in construction in WA, provided they can show evidence that they completed the induction training in their home State”

What is available in WA for White Card holders?

WA is Australia’s largest geographical state with arguably the greatest mining resources both currently and untapped potential. Its construction and mining needs have been evident with the state being the major player in Australia’s resources boom.
Perth is the state’s largest city that has had moderate growth and construction development. In saying this the WA government have pushed to receive a large slice of the state’s mining prosperity with large projects commenced and projected including the Perth Freight Link (Perth freight network capacity upgrade).
The states roads, rail network and shipping ports will continue to require future and present upgrades that will require construction type work well into the future to link her many satellite towns that support her mining industry such as Bunbury, Geraldton, Freemantle, Busselton, Albany and Kalgoorlie.
But it is the state’s mining sector that will continue to see the vast majority of employment for white card holders from many field of employment. In 2015-16 mining and the petroleum industry accounted for 92% of the wests and 41% of the nation’s total merchandise exports. These exports coming from over 100 principle and numerous smaller scale mining projects scattered throughout the state.

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Construction Projects in Perth, Western Australia WA

The economy in Western Australia WA is mainly driven by processing and extraction of various petroleum and mineral commodities. The WA economy and structure being intimately linked to those natural resources offering a definitive advantage in regards to resource processing and extraction. WA has made mining look easy in comparison to other states of Australia. However, its Capital city, Perth and much of the state continued to develop on the cheap, not receiving the vast benefits of the mining boom. The WA Government and its people have been quick to turn this around by applying for a larger section of the pie and invest in major construction projects that are now flowing into Perth and the greater WA. The current political climate even allowing for talks on a WA style Brexit from the rest of Australia if further changes are not made meaning that further monies are likely to be directed in WA’s direction to ensure they stay in the Commonwealth. This is good news for WA white card holders who may benefit from current and future construction projects coming online.

The Karratha Health Campus

This $207-million-dollar project is positioned in the middle of Karratha and planned to bring together many health services. The facility is set to offer 40 hospital beds, a surgical centre, ambulatory-care centre, an emergency-department, a maternity wing and medical imaging. This health facility will support the present health facilities throughout Pilbara along with a dedicated helipad which will make this health-campus accessible from the remote areas such as the mining projects and communities. Copper & Oxley and Brookfield Multiplex have joined together in order to deliver this project.

New Museum Project

The Museum is set to play an important role in Perth’s cultural precinct, visited, valued and owned by Western Australians. It will also become a main attraction for the visitors and tourists to WA. The project will incorporate open public-spaces which will be used for a variety of night and day events which will contribute to the State’s cultural vibrant life. The project has also included a brand new Main Entrance situated on Museum Street which is opposite from the State Library of WA. Other features will include a 7,000 sqm of flexible and dynamic exhibition galleries. 2,000 sqm public courtyard and 1,000 sqm dedicated space for temporary exhibitions and touring.
The New Museum for WA is planned to open by 2020. It will be a reflection of extraordinary distinctiveness, history, diversity and creativity of the Western Australian places and people along with surrounding regions.

Stadium Rail Project

The Stadium Rail project which was estimated to cost $100 million will include construction of the station along with the associated rail-infrastructure. This project forms a part of the $358 million package dedicated to public-transport infrastructure on this site which will allow up to a maximum of 28,000 passengers to depart from the new Perth Stadium within an hour.
This project which is currently still under construction involves construction of a new station, rail tracks and platforms that are across from the new Perth Stadium based in Burswood, Perth.
These and other future construction developments coming online as well as the strong mining sector will ensure an ongoing requirement for further white card trained construction workers well into the future.

Mining Powerhouse - Western Australia WA

Australia is known for many things, its great natural beauty and flora and faunas that is found nowhere else in the world. However, it also known for something else – as a country or rather continent that is home to enormous mineral wealth.
And nowhere is this wealth more concentrated than in Western Australia. This region is home to more than 100 enormous mining projects. That does not include smaller scale mining which is widespread across the region. To give some idea of just how rich the Earth is in Western Australia one simply has to grasp the fact that there are over 50 different ores and commodities that are extracted from the ground in this part of Australia – with iron taking the lead as the most valuable resource.
To give some idea of the scale of the mining operations it is instructive to know that in 2016 alone the profit from these mining operations was almost 92 billion Australian dollars.
A great example of the sort of investment that Western Australia is seeing at the moment is the Pilbara iron ore project. This 6.5 billion Australian dollar project is projected to produce around 10 million tonnes of iron ore a year and create more than three thousand jobs in the Karratha and Port Hedland area on the Australian coast.
Mining giant Rio Tinto has also been quick to see the possibilities of iron ore mining in the region. The mining colossus is moving ahead with its Silvergrass mining operation in Western Australia. It will create around 500 jobs in the region. This is not Rio Tinto’s first operation in the region. It also has iron ore mining operations in West Angelas and Yandicoogina and it seems that the company is actively exploring other opportunities in the region.
Another company that is exploring the potential of the region is Hancock Prospecting. They have started up the Roy Hill project which has an estimated production capacity of 55 million tonnes of iron ore, making it one of the largest producers in the region.
The driving force behind these Australian mega mining projects is the steeply escalating price for iron ore which has been trending ever upward in 2017. This means that Western Australia has become more and more attractive to mining companies. Access to modern port facilities and the proximity of the Chinese market have also both played a part in making the region extremely attractive to global mega mining players.
But it’s not only iron that is playing a major part in the mining boom in Western Australia. Lithium is also an attractive option for global and local mining groups.
Pilbara Minerals is a major player in this mining sector. Its $235 million (Australian dollar) investment in its Pilgangoora project will create 400 new jobs in the sector and is expected to expand rapidly as the demand for the mineral grows due to its importance in batteries for electric cars.
Western Australia is booming due to the mining sector – and it’s a trend that seems destined to continue.

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