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Owner builder white card

WHS training for the Owner Builder

You will receive quick and simple training online.

The course is nationally recognised in all states and territories of Australia – QLD, NSW, Victoria, WA, SA, NT, Tasmania and the ACT.

On successful completion you will obtain the required and appropriate WHS training and receive a valid white card for the owner builder – renovator.

CPCCWHS1001 ‘Prepare to work safely in the construction industry’:

  • meets the national framework;
  • mutually recognised throughout Australia; and is
  • provided in partnership with Australia’s largest privately owned RTO.

Be a safe renovator

General construction induction is the basic WHS training required in Australia to perform work on a construction site or zone. The course provides basic safety skills to stay safe while performing construction type activities. The training is ideal for the owner builder and renovator as it provides construction safety procedures, policies and requirements to stay safe while renovating.

You will receive industry standard training that is nationally recognised.

White card owner builder

Yes – the white card is the same as what your local chippy, sparky and bricky hold.

The only difference is – your training will be recent and you will be less likely to cut corners (unlike some tradesman)

As an owner builder it’s your home, your construction site and so your rules. If you don’t think safety is being followed by a sub-contractor or worker do something about it.  Your white card training will give you the basic skills and knowledge to recognise dangerous situations, hazards and conditions


    • Allan O

      Hi Justin,
      Yes the training provided in the course gives you a white card that is valid in all states of Australia and is the required training needed for construction site induction.
      Regards Allan

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