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Construction induction card

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QLD, WA, & Tasmania

WHS Workplace Health and Safety / OHS Occupational Health and Safety

It is important that every construction site in Australia is covered by safe OHS WHS, procedures and policies that are obtained within our online whitecard course or construction induction card.

All construction work in Australia requires a construction induction card that 123WhiteCard provide online. Work can involve commercial, industrial, mining and housing projects, and can also involve alterations, conversions, maintenance, demolition and other works. All of which are found within the online course.

Most construction work is of a temporary nature and does not allow for the setting up of ideal working conditions to ensure safety. It is often a high-risk activity, often carried out at heights or in difficult conditions underground or in hazardous areas. This requires a high level of safety and as such Australia has its own standards for construction induction, whitecard training. International standards can also be followed but any contractor would be well advised to ensure that any steps or action taken for safety follows the Australian code of practice and must ensure all workers go online and obtain a valid construction induction card.

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Construction induction card - Risk

Any person conducting construction work must manage all the risks associated with the construction. These OHS / WHS skills are covered in construction induction training. Skills obtained online include the identification of risks and measures taken to eliminate such risks. When risk can’t be completely eliminated, measures must be taken to control the risks as effectively as possible. Construction induction training identifies the need to constantly review safety to prevent unsafe conditions and practices coming to the fore.

Machinery is required during construction work, this can create further risk. The use of cranes, bulldozers, excavators, concrete mixers, pumps, and other smaller equipment come with various levels of risk. The operation of this machinery can lead to unsafe conditions and risks. The online course highlights the need for awareness and compliance when such equipment is in use.

Online whitecard – Safety equipment

Potential hazards are present in every construction job site and these can cause injuries resulting in downtime, and additional expenditure. Workers must comply and be equipped with basic safety equipment like goggles, helmets, hard-toed shoes and high-visibility clothing. Our online whitecard training covers these required OHS / WHS standards. The site must also use harnesses, safety barriers and nets at various levels. These barriers and nets are not only to provide falling hazard protection, they also can prevent any accidents from happening from tools or materials falling from worker’s hands while working on the outside of buildings. Australian safety standards set out the strength, mesh, material, and spacing of these safety barriers and nets, and it is rare to see any construction work in Australia that does not have safety measures installed. These whitecard standards and general standards are universal throughout Australian construction sites.

Services on construction sites like water, electricity, and gas, will be often put online temporarily. It is important that certain minimum OHS / WHS standards as laid down in Australian building codes be maintained, as this can reduce the possibility of accidents and dangers to safety. Even while lines are being extended, mostly electrical connections, care must be taken to see that wires are never exposed and all safety fuses and breakers are always in place.

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Online WhiteCard - Public safety

Another important aspect of safety on construction sites involves keeping the site guarded so that members of the general public do not enter these relatively unsafe and high-risk areas. All people entering a site must be protected under OHS / WHS, either whitecard online trained, or accompanied by a whitecard qualified person. Any person conducting work on the site must have a whitecard. As such sites need to be fenced, and the points of entry, controlled. This can also prevent thefts and pilfering which is quite common on construction sites.

Construction work is dangerous and accidents can cause injuries and even fatalities. If you need a white card, 123WhiteCard will provide a fast, easy and cost effective construction induction card. Apply now to ensure you comply with safety standards and construction practices, the skills obtained can go a long way in preventing these unfortunate eventualities

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